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Sahara Is Here To Help And Heal

We are a group of highly educated and trained professionals with a proven record of successfully treating mental health issues, addiction and concurrent disorders. We are dedicated to assisting each client on their own unique path to recovery and it is our mission, as a team, to offer clients the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in recovery.

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Your path to getting your life back from addiction begins with our compassion and Clinical excellence. From the second your call is answered by our Clinical Care Team Member you will know that you have made the right choice. That is just the beginning, from the moment you arrive at Sahara Wellness Center, you begin the process of healing. Our caring and compassionate staff will take care of your every need, so that our Doctors and Counsellors can help you safely and comfortably overcome your addiction. Our evidence-based approach includes combining medicated- assisted detox (if necessary), one-on-one therapy, group sessions, recreation, wellness, nutritional support and many other effective proven modalities. Sahara Wellness Center provides Clinical Excellence at every level to insure the greatest chance of success for your recovery.

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If you, or someone you know is suffering from some form of addiction, then it’s likely a symptom of a bigger issue. Sahara Wellness Center takes a holistic and medical approach on your whole profile and we treat all of you, not just your addiction. It’s never too late to reach out to us for help.

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25 Hale Road 
Brampton, Ontario
L6W 3J9

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