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Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, occurs when the individual has a drive to use alcohol, regardless of the unwanted consequences. Addiction is different from dependence: dependence is a physiological process while addiction is psychological. Though they can occur separately, they usually emerge at the same time. Symptoms can range from mild to severe in intensity, alcoholism can create numerous effects on someone’s mental, physical, social and spiritual health.

Substance Addiction is a physical dependence on a chemical substance. The dependence leads to unpleasant symptoms, called withdrawal, when a person stops using the substance. People often begin using an addicting substance because it initially gives them pleasure. By the time addiction has developed, the pleasure is often gone. The driving force behind continued use is a need to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal.

Concurrent Disorders  is the term used when a person with co-occurring substance use and mental health problems.  It is also commonly referred to as co-morbidity, co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder.

Examples of Concurrent Disorders are:

  • substance use + mood and anxiety disorders, such as depression or panic disorder

  • substance use + severe and persistent mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

Sahara Wellness Center's mental health program allows for a highly focused and individualized approach to treating persistent or progressing mental health disorders. Our Psychiatrist is highly experienced, respected, and effective at treating a wide range of Mental Health Disorders. We treat a variety of mental health disorders such as: Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar,  OCD, PTSD to name a few. A comprehensive treatment plan will be tailored specifically to each client’s unique needs, providing targeted evidence-based and holistic therapies. At Sahara Wellness Center we provide a safe and inviting environment with 24-hour support. 

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Your path to getting your life back from addiction begins with our compassion and Clinical excellence. From the second your call is answered by our Clinical Care Team Member you will know that you have made the right choice. That is just the beginning, from the moment you arrive at Sahara Wellness Center, you begin the process of healing. Our caring and compassionate staff will take care of your every need, so that our Doctors and Counsellors can help you safely and comfortably overcome your addiction. Our evidence-based approach includes combining medicated- assisted detox (if necessary), one-on-one therapy, group sessions, recreation, wellness, nutritional support and many other effective proven modalities. Sahara Wellness Center provides Clinical Excellence at every level to insure the greatest chance of success for your recovery.

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Sahara Wellness Center takes a holistic and medical approach on your whole profile and we treat all of you, It’s never too late. Let Sahara Wellness Center Help You.

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